Global Warming (or is it Global Cooling?)

November 16, 2014

Has Global Warming increased or become more destructive since I opened this blog?

Hi Folks,


Its quite a while since I posted anything on this blog.

Thanks a million to all of you who have steadily visited with very little effort on my part to attract you here.

Have been getting a lot of references from facebook. I’m not quite sure what is being discussed there but it all seems real healthy to me.

I came across this video which says it all.

Welcome to the seventeenth year since the planet stopped warming. As for all these officials in the UN, IPCC, EPA and the government of New Zealand, (to name just a few), who are busy enjoying the junket of AGW that allows them to extract more taxes from the normal people so they can spend it on “fighting” global warming. I say P**s on you.





PS A fact that many people are now aware of is that Climate Change, Global Warming or what ever, was born from the United Nations, the aim it seems, in order to manufacture a world crisis.

The UN objectives that it has been working on since its inception.

Bureaucracies always gain a life of their own, and as bureaucracies go, the UN has to be among the biggest. It would help if the top officials  indeed all responsible officials, were democratically elected but that seems to have never been the case.

Anyway the UN is in your governments legislation, local government and your education system. And although this appears to be good, and indeed most of us welcome it.

I have spent a lot of time studying the various UN programs and when you go below the surface, just a little, one finds the fact that its a hidden army of tigers who are not in the least bit friendly.

Check my blog on and see what they are trying to do to my city.




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